EWB: Minnesota State University

Engineers Without Borders is an international nonprofit organization that was created to partner with developing communities to improve their quality of life through the implementation of engineering projects. In the process of working to advance developing commu
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nities, EWB promotes the development of globally aware and internationally responsible students and professionals.

The activities of EWB may involve initiating communication, listening, learning and working with our partners to understand their community and the change they seek in their lives. New ideas are put into action while collaborating with the community to create a sustainable solution and a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

EWB-MSU is a community of energetic, passionate, and active student leaders who work together to inspire, engage and empower their local community and ultimately create positive global change.

How EWB-MSU Works

EWB-MSU is extremely easy to get involved with and we strongly encourage students from all faculties to join and share their own knowledge and experience. We are a group of students with a real sense of dedication, purpose, and community. Students, professors, alumni and members of the administration are always welcome to join us at our events, activities, and meetings.

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As we are a new organization we will be meeting weekly. We will discuss future projects and ideas, as well as have speakers come from various industry or engineering firms to discuss topics ranging from extended development to project management.

Please feel free to come with ideas, feedback, and questions. The expectations for EWB depend on how involved you wish to be. There is a possibility that we cannot take every member to each project, therefore it is vital that you show initiative, interest, and motivation at these meetings. The people that travel with us are the ones that stay involved and work hard on the projects. Please explore our site to learn more about our group and how you can make a difference.

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